1️⃣ Decide which devices to use

Tiimo is an app for smartphones and smartwatches. Tiimo offers a basic free version of the app and a paid version with full access to all the Tiimo features. To get off to a great start, consider which devices you would like to use Tiimo on. Do you want to use Tiimo on a smartwatch? Or do you just want to use Tiimo on your smartphone?

[Optional: Decide on a smartwatch ⌚️]

Do you need help figuring out which smartwatch is right for you? Or do you already have a smartwatch? Find out which smartwatches are compatible with Tiimo or get help setting up your smartwatch in the guides below.

2️⃣ Download the app, subscribe and sign up

Download the app in either Apple App Store or Google Play Store to sign up and subscribe. To use the Tiimo app you must subscribe in one of the stores - this is also where you can see the different subscription models and prices.

3️⃣ Start planning: Time block your day using activities with a checklist

Time block your day with things you want to get done using Tiimo activities. You have the option to add checklists to single activities to break down tasks. You can also use the calendar import (iOS only currently) to get an overview of your calendar events and Tiimo plans. Incorporating a new app into your life can be daunting - read our guide full of tips for those of you getting started with Tiimo ⬇️

🎉 Welcome!

That’s it! You’re now ready to use Tiimo and join our community of users. If you need additional help getting started or have any questions at all, please contact us in the chat bar here on the website - we’re here to help! Please do also follow us on Instagram and Facebook to stay tuned to product updates and news from our community!

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