Tiimo celebrates ADHD Awareness month

October is ADHD Awareness month - catch up on some of our most popular blogposts on thriving with ADHD & celebrate with our free phone wallpaper

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Oct 14, 2022

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October 14, 2022
Natasha De-Freitas
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The theme of this year’s ADHD Awareness month is understanding a shared experience. While presentations of ADHD will differ between between individuals, due to external societal factors those in the ADHD community often find that they have very similar experiences of living with ADHD. The aim of this year's theme is to highlight those areas of commonality, with an aim to challenge structural issues for ADHD’ers while also building bonds within the community.

Tiimo's most popular blogposts on ADHD

Looking back over just the past two years, it is absolutely incredible to see how far the general population’s understanding and awareness of ADHD has come. We are particularly delighted to see an increase in both discussion about and diagnosis rates for women, non-binary people, those on the gender spectrum, and Black, Brown, Indigenous and Melanated People (as coined by Louise “Weeze” Doran). There is also a definite uplift in more people being diagnosed later in life. We hope that for all in the ADHD Community, diagnosed or not, the process of learning more about how your brain works and how you can work with it and not against it, is affirming. So whether you suspect you have ADHD, are in the process of getting a diagnosis or an OG ADHD’er - we share below some of our most popular posts on ADHD and hope that you will find some helpful and supportive strategies and information in our work:


Free Phone Wallpapers to celebrate ADHD Awareness month

At Tiimo, we see, love, appreciate and celebrate our wonderful, vibrant ADHD’er and AuDHD community and wish you all a wonderful month! To help mark ADHD Awareness month, we want to share with you our free Tiimo phone wallpapers. We think the one with the affirmation works particularly well on your lock screen and the one with no text can be used on both your home or lockscreen to help you celebrate this month. To use:

  • Scroll down and zoom in on the image you want until it fits your screen
  • Screenshot the image
  • Head into your phone's settings to set it as your phone's lock or home screen.
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How are you celebrating?

How will you be celebrating ADHD Awareness month? If you download and use our wallpaper, please snap a photo and share with us on our socials: Instagram, Twitter or Facebook

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