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Jul 12, 2022

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July 12, 2022
Anna Fay Hermanson
Lead on partnerships & Community outreach

If you’ve been around the ADHD cyber-sphere for more than a few years, then René Brooks needs no introduction. Long before the ADHD conversation on Twitter, TikTok and IG exploded in 2020, René was creating relatable, informative, honest, and uplifting content about life with ADHD on her blog Black Girl, Lost Keys, which centers the experience of Black women with ADHD. René is changing lives and public discourse. Just have a look at Twitter and there is proof that René and her platforms are responsible for hundreds, if not thousands, of adults identifying their ADHD and seeking out the support and accommodations they need.

And we have amazing news! René is launching the Life with Lost Keys podcast and we have the privilege of being the sponsor.

René has never shied away from delving, with nuance and dedication, into the topics that are perhaps less clickable (but honestly much more important),like ADHD and inequity in diagnosis and treatment across race and gendered lines, disability and abuse, and the reality that life with ADHD isn’t always as glamorous or digestible as the small infographics or ADHD inspiration stories on social might lead you to believe. Always rigorously researched and exceptionally relevant, Black Girl Lost Keys is a cultural force and we’re so happy to be a part of this next chapter!

So what will the podcast be like? In René’s words: ‘When I'm creating anything, I want it to serve two purposes: to provide accurate information, and to well serve the intended audience! Well, there's also a third purpose. I want it to be fun! I want it to be something I enjoy listening to. I promise you, the Life With Lost Keys Podcast will NOT bore you.’

Our whole team is certainly ready for the learning, the insight, and the FUN!

Sign-up right here to be the first to know when new episodes are released. And follow along on Tiimo and BGLK’s Twitter for snippets and more updates on the podcast!


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