Chapter V of our Product Roadmap

Find out what Tiimo will be working on over the Summer - Autumn/Fall period.

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Jun 15, 2022

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June 15, 2022
Melissa Würtz Azari
Designer and co-founder

Welcome to our Summer roadmap. Now that we have the amazing Nolt board for suggestions and the ability to see the roadmap in real time, these updates will move back to being bi-annual, and will cover the period over the summer and into the Autumn/Fall. We believe in transparency and like to not only share with you all what we are planning to work on, but also give you a bit of a flavour as to the bigger themes we are discussing at Tiimo. Before we look forward, it is good for us to look back - this was the period where we launched Widgets on iOS, Flexible Activities & Notes on Android, and the ability to put activities back into Notes on both platforms.

Internally at Tiimo, our Winter period has been dominated by raising investment money to continue the growth and development of the app. While we had expected the round to close earlier than it has done, it has been really important to us to find the right kind of investors who not only understand the journey we have been on and where we see the app going in the future, but can understand and appreciate the values that are shared between us and our community. We believe we have found a brilliant, passionate and committed team of investors with beliefs and ethics in line with our own, so stay tuned for more news. As our C Suite team has been involved heavily in this process, a lot of our bigger development plans and the scaling up of our staff team has been delayed. We are all very excited to start putting these into action very soon!

In other news, our CEO Helene has started maternity leave for her second child, and so during this period, Michael Juhler has joined the team as Co-CEO working alongside myself. We are also excited to have hired Frederikke Lange as our new Brand Illustrator, Andreas Villumsen as Product Owner, and Laurenz Aisenpreis as our Data Analyst.

Big themes for us cross platform:

As you can see from our above update, we definitely feel like we are moving into the next phase of Tiimo. We started with a shopping list of big features that we wanted to introduce into the app, and now that most of them are in the app (or at least in the feature exploration phase), we feel the next step will be maximising how our users actually use the app. We are now in a better position to understand which features are being used the most by our users and how we can improve the planning experience. So going forward on all platforms, you can expect a greater focus on usability and on making the app more intuitive. We want to learn more about what our users want to use Tiimo for, and then deliver relevant content to help them achieve their goals. An early example of this are the new premade activities in the app to make it even easier to create your schedule and build routines. We will also be refreshing the brand and colours within the app, and adding more icon sets. For new Tiimo users, we will also we working on making the onboarding experience clearer, so the process of getting started with the app is a lot smoother and quicker.


Search & Tags

We know that it can be time consuming to make future plans, so we want to make it incredibly easy for you to visualise your day and how you spend your time. The first way we will be doing this is through tags - where you will be able to add tags to your own activities within Tiimo, which will then allow you to track and view how much time you spend on particular types of activities (such as self care, health or work). We hope that this will give you more insight into what you spend your time on. We see this feature working together with an improved search experience, that will make it easier to browse and get inspired by activities that are relevant to you and your needs.


We have also had a lot of amazing suggestions through our suggestions board, and we really feel like there are a lot of very high value smaller features that we want to prioritise for development in this period. Some of the things we are looking at include the ability to add a priority for the day, adding extra time to activities in progress, and a redesign of the Me page. We also have plans to revisit the ‘My Day’ view to give a better visual overview of your day and show when you have time between activities.


With the addition of the Notes to Android over the Winter, the only big features that are left on the development board are Routines and Widgets. We expect that both of these features will make it into the Android app by the end of the year. As with iOS, we will also be working on more usability focused features within the app and smaller updates. We hope that this means the app will still feel Android native, but there will be more of a resemblance between this and the iOS app, as we know a lot of our users use Tiimo across platform.


We will be honest with you - a lot of the above plans and the timing of when they are developed will depend on the close of our Investment round. But, don’t get us wrong - we are excited and hopeful for this next phase. While you can trust our passion, energy and commitment to developing the best visual planning app will never change, we believe that the next year will see the fruition of a lot of things that we have been planning for a while. The quickest way to hear about developments is to make sure that you keep an eye on our social channels; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok and for bigger changes to the app, we will also email you in advance so it doesn’t come as a surprise!

Thank you so much for your continued support of Tiimo. We absolutely love hearing from you all on how you use the app, how it could be better and what you would like to see us develop next. As we move into this period of improving usability, your feedback is becoming ever more important, and so we would be so grateful for you to post any of your ideas on our Tiimo suggestions board. Even if you don’t have a suggestion in mind, you can check out other user’s ideas and upvote the ones that you would like to see put into development. You are also able to view which features the team are working on through the roadmap view.


_We appreciate you for continuing to encourage and inspire us to be the best visual planning app out there. If you like what we are doing, we would really appreciate a review! Reviews make a huge difference in helping new users to find the app. You can leave a review here on the App Store or on the Play Store!_❤️

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